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As Above, So Below

As Above So Below is a new book about the Holy Grail. The manuscript will tell you what the grail is, where it is, and how it came to be located there.

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The Great Awakening - Now a Free Download!

We desire a change in direction and we are in dire need of new information which tells us all exactly who we really are, sons and daughters of the living God!

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Samuel's Message

“Thus we are empowered by light of the holy grail of humanity. A mere vessel in time without thoughts and disturbances. We are here to learn the truth of what is to come, and what has begun...

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I have included on my website, all six books for a free download.

  1. The Great Awakening
  2. Thy Kingdom Come
  3. Blood Royal
  4. Archangel
  5. End Of The Age
  6. As Above So Below

Anyone interested in downloading a free EBook, just click on the associated page with each book. Enjoy.

The Great Awakening
Thy Kingdom Come
Blood Royal
End of the Age
As Above So Below