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Why Intuition is often called a Gut Feeling

Intuition is often considered a special gift. It is that inner voice that enables us to come to a conclusion instantaneously without realising why. Often it is related to the phrase ‘It’s a gut feeling,’ or ‘I feel it in my bones’ being used to describe how you feel about making a decision or doing something which you can’t explain.
What is Intuition or Intuitive Energy Information?
There are several types of ways we receive intuitive energy information which comes from our soul, God, subconscious, Life Source or what terminology you want to use. Intuition comes to us through several means and includes mental thoughts, emotional guidance, visual signs and physical sensations.

• Mental intuition involves inner thoughts and knowings, or an inner voice that seems to come from nowhere. In one of my experiences, this form of intuition was so strong that I acted on it immediately, without questioning or analysing it.

• Emotional intuition may make us feel emotionally uncomfortable or different when there is no obvious reason to feel that way. It is sometimes described as the ‘vibes’ we pick up about a person, or the ‘feel’ when you walk into a room after an argument has taken place. You require good emotional awareness to understand this form of information because we often just put it down to nothing, or discard it as irrelevant.

• Visual intuition happens when we experience visions, dreams or figments of the imagination. These can be literal or symbolic and can have a major effect on us, as they seem to be telling us something because they continually play in our head. Visual intuition can also be brushed off as ‘just a dream’ or thinking ‘that was weird’, without the understanding to it. This form of intuition is the most common, although it is probably the least recognised or acted upon.

• Physical intuition involves body sensations such as muscular tension or relaxation, a change in a heartbeat’s rhythm, or a tingling sensation or feeling. This is another strong way of receiving information from your intuition; unfortunately, many people try to work out the sign or information as if it was a physical problem.
Chakra Energy Information
You receive the energy information via your seven chakra energy centres. Below is an image of your aura (the white/pink colour on the outside) with the seven chakra points (colours in the middle) which start from the bottom or the base chakra in red as number 1.
These spinning vortexes of energy are what we receive and release our energy information through. The lower the number the closer to the physical realm the higher the number the closer to the spiritual realm.

7 = Crown display here in white
6 = Third Eye display here in purple
5 = Throat is blue
4 = Heart is green
3 = Solar Plexus is yellow
2 = Sacral is orange
1 = Base is red

This image shows the different sizes, shapes and depth of colour for each chakra. I started doing chakra readings to help people with different situations they were experiencing using a biofeedback software system call Aura Video. It shows you how scattered your energy is and even what type of behaviours are coming from that chakra region. It also shows you how open you are to receiving information via that chakra.

The information you will receive via that particular chakra is:

7 = Crown Information where you do not hesitate to act. Lifesaving. Acting on it regardless
6 = Third Eye See it in dreams, visualisation or happening around you. Witnessing constantly
5 = Throat Speak the words without knowing where they came from. Verbalise it
4 = Heart Feeling it in your heart area or sending it from there. Loving it whole heartily
3 = Solar Plexus Information about you, your decisions or your life. Internalising information
2 = Sacral Information about others that are close physically or emotionally. Externalise it
1 = Base Basic survival situations such as finance, food & procreation. Experiencing it

When people refer to a gut feeling often they are experiencing intuitive energy information via their Solar Plexus if it is about them, their life choices or decisions. If they experience that ‘Gut Feeling’ below their belly button they the information coming through is about someone else external to them.

When you get a gut feeling about something really focus on where the information is coming from. Is it from your Solar plexus that is above your belly button making it information you need to use for yourself. Or is it below your belly button and that information may make someone else’s life happier not necessarily what you should be doing or acting upon.

Of course the information is strongest at the top of the head and mellows out towards the bottom. However the information at the bottom is easier to experience and understand than the ones at the top. You know when you have feelings for someone when the base chakra starts to tingle. Hehehe
Further examples of how to utilise your chakra information
7 = Crown Know it. This example surprised me the most because I didn’t even know what I was doing. Waiting at a ‘T’ intersection I noticed there wasn’t any cars around and proceeded to pull out. All of a sudden my foot went to the brake and jammed it on. I was so shocked because there was no thought process just action and I had no idea why. Seconds later a car flew over the hill with all four wheels off the ground and flew by me. I would have been killed without a doubt if it wasn’t for this intervention.
6 = Third Eye See it. Information coming through this chakra is very strong in people who are clairvoyant, physic, card readers or prophesise. Those who ‘see’ using their third eye. You will receive information through your dreams or when you notice something constantly. It is like when you dream about that new car and don’t see many of them until you purchase your own. Then you see it everywhere. You are tuning into your third eye and receiving information via it.
5 = Throat Speak it. This is very strong with people who channel information from other realms. My experience of this, apart from channelling, was when I was answering a question from someone about me leaving my business, home and family to go to university in another part of the state. I don’t know where the information came from but I just spoke it out loud and with some much confidence it surprised me. I remember thinking ‘where did that come from’ and yet six months later it came true exactly how I responded.
4 = Heart Love it. For those who have fallen in love you know what the feeling is like when the information come through this chakra. However I tend to use this chakra more than the others because I deliberately opened it to help guide and support people with the correct intention. This doesn’t mean I am always soft and fluffy (for want of another word). It means I am honest at all times with heartfelt sincerity.
3 = Solar Plexus Internalise it. I use this chakra specifically to ask questions about myself or my life. If I have a decision to make I focus on this chakra as it help me to internalise the information to determine what is best for me. This chakra is all about how we value, look at or respond to ourselves and our actions.
2 = Sacral Externalise it. I use this chakra like the Solar Plexus except when other people may require assistance. The information I receive this way is always for their benefit not necessarily for mine. Often we can get confused as to the right information for the right person and blur it with our own thoughts. True information via me to them or how I should be around them.
1 = Base Experience it. As I explained earlier the base information is the closest to what we require in our physical world. If you are physically attracted to someone you will feel it in the base chakra and as you get to know them you will experience intuitive information about them in your Sacrum. Then your Solar Plexus will switch on to see how that person fits into your life before the heart chakra fully opens.
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Intuition – When you know that you know  


What is intuition? Is it a gut feeling that lets you know when something or someone, is or isn’t right for you? Is it goose bumps that confirm an idea or feeling that you have? Is it a thought, or an idea, that just seems to pop inside our heads out of nowhere? Is it a frequency that we tune in to? Is it all of the above?  


First off, we need to keep in mind that we are all multidimensional beings, capable of connecting with ourselves on many different levels. We have a soul, a spirit, a mind, and a body. The soul is, the spirit feels, the mind thinks, and the body does. Intuition is when a deeper part of ourselves has connected to our present mind and body. The soul is sending us a message via the spirit, mind, or the body.  


The soul, the deepest part of ourselves. That part which is connected to the divine, at times will send us messages which will aid in our spiritual growth. The soul knows all things, and will guide, and at times facilitate our chosen paths. The paths we all agreed upon before we came into our latest incarnation.  


Therefore, the soul will use any means available to transmit its messages to us.  


It will send us signals via the body. These signals may include goose bumps, a gut feeling inside, hairs on our necks standing straight up, or any other feelings of energy that the soul wishes to send.  


It will send us signals via the mind. This may be a new thought or idea on something that has been plaguing us. We may be stumped over an issue, when voila, out of nowhere, the answer is crystal clear. That light bulb moment when we know the answer to a question.  


The soul will also send to us signals via the spirit. This occurs often in a dream state. A place when our mind and bodies are shut down for the evening, enabling our spirits to receive messages. Therefore, many dreams and visions occur during these time periods. Or it can occur when a person is in a meditative state. Many “third eye” visions occur when a person has reached a deep meditative or contemplative state of mind. Enabling the soul to break through.  


Reception is the key. Keeping an open mind enables these messages to come through. Keeping a clear state of being also helps. A balanced energy within ourselves also promotes messages from our souls.  


Intuition is like a muscle. The more one exercises this muscle, the stronger it becomes. The more one “trusts” these messages it’s receiving, the greater the development of intuition. Therefore, belief comes into play.  


But the bottom line of intuition is that it is a message from our souls to our minds, bodies, or spirits. A message from our self to our self. From the deeper parts of us, to the present day us.  


Evan Ansot  



Free EBook downloads

Led by the spirit, I have decided to give away all my EBooks for free.

There will still be a charge for Hard and soft cover books. Which can be ordered on amazon, and various other sites.

Yet the digital version will remain free.

The spirit didn’t charge me, therefore I neither will charge. As I have been given, so shall I give.

Evan Ansot January 22, 2018.

The Angel Samuel’s Message

“Thus we are empowered by light of the holy grail of humanity. A mere vessel in time without thoughts and disturbances. We are here to learn the truth of what is to come, and what has begun. We do this in order to ascertain ourselves, our lives, and our worlds. We will become greater, and more magical than ever before. Mere words will not be able to begin to describe this. For this is life, this is thought, and this is progress. This is the light set before us to determine and judge for the greater good.
“We are lost, but shall be found by the power of God Almighty. So that we may once again see the light, the love, the beauty, the glorious sunrise, and sunset given to us by God our Father. Never a time to be forgotten, but a time to rise from the ashes of humanity and rebirth, to take flight, and to take place. A joyous occasion for all who follow in the footsteps of God Almighty. Never to fear, or to be alone. An eternity begotten and forgotten, to be replaced with love, forgiveness, and light.
“Follow me. Call upon thee almighty, the ruler of heaven and earth. So that we may all live joyously in the light of love, and God once more. Never to be forgotten. As we roam the earth, scavenging for wealth and food, to feed our human needs.
“The eyes of mankind are blinded by what is before them. A haze so thin, yet that others can see. Let it be. Let them see as they are guided. A chosen few shall prevail that walk upon this earth. I am with thee.”
“It’s time to spiritually evolve and grow. To know once more our purpose as to live in the image of God the Father, the Almighty, the Highest High of all. Go out there and spread your wings. Make it count for the good of all mankind.”
The Angel Samuel May 21, 2016