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The Great Awakening

This book is a message from the soul... I believe it was given to me, for you all to recieve.  Together, maybe we can make this a better world where all can live in peace and harmony. Heaven knows the world needs a new message because the old ways no longer suffice in our favor. Past formulas are coming up short-handed and previous performances are lacking.

We desire a change in direction and we are in dire need of new information which tells us all exactly who we really are, sons and daughters of the living God! We’ve been hoodwinked into thinking otherwise, and it’s time to lift the veil.

Jesus of Nazareth showed us the way, overcame the world, and achieved the highest level of Christ consciousness. Each one of us is capable of doing the same. “Why do you marvel at these miracles? These things and more shall you also do”.

As Above So Below

As Above So Below is a new book about the Holy Grail. The manuscript will tell you what the grail is, where it is, and how it came to be located there.

The manuscript speaks of the five qualities of the Holy Grail.

  1. Two ancient royal bloodlines intersecting into one.
  2. This new bloodline leading to the incarnation of the Mother of all things.
  3. An ancient book written by Mary Magdalene.
  4. The tombs of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
  5. Alaric's treasure. Which was looted from Rome in 410 AD.